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Front End Devloper TILLSATT
Life science
Are you already in the Life Science industry or want to be part of it and got skills as Front End Developer?

Then this is your opportunity to join a successful global company. the Company is developing innovative and effective solutions for separation within analytical and organic chemistry, as well as for industrial application, they significantly help to improve our customers' development of new medicine and analysis of samples from hospitals patients, forensic laboratories, or for the analysis of earth and water samples. Our products are also used to remove undesired substances from medicines during the production process.

Position Description
As a front-end software developer, you will work within a team with other highly motivated and skilled developers to build robust and well-structured software for the company instrument families.
The main responsibility for this position is developing front-end as well as back-end software, taking in all aspects of the software development life cycle (i.e. requirement analysis, design, implementation and testing). As front-end software developer, you will build web-based interfaces and applications and contribute to our platforms and libraries. You will participate in the GUI and UX design to maintain the reputation in providing well-designed and easy-to-use instruments of high quality.

Required Knowledge and Skills
1. Front-end skills such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript and an understanding of or skills in back-end.
2. Experience working with frameworks and libraries (i.e. Angular, Bootstrap, Sass/LESS)
3. Experience in Java.
4. A drive for quality-oriented practices, i.e. unit testing, code review and others.
5. Fluent in English written and verbally.

Desired skills
1. Verbal fluency in Swedish.
2. Experience in UX design.
3. Enthusiasm/interest in graphical design.
4. Experience in working with requirements.
5. An understanding of development of integrated hardware and software systems.

Place of work
Headquarters in Uppsala.

More Information
Please contact Erik Düring for more information.
Rekryteringsspecialisten AB
Mobil 0708-999 469